John Fitzenz

The Shanahans

As a 32-year-old sportswriter in Boston, Michael “Mike” Fitzpatrick is living the dream – until the day he loses his job, house, wife and baby within the span of three months. On thebrink of despair, he receives a call from his friend Padraig Shanahan who offers him a lifeline. An Irish national hero and entrepreneur, Shanahan asks Mike to move to Waterford to revive his floundering sports magazine. But Mike has his work cut out for him and is met with critical opposition from the magazine’s editor – One Pint Sullivan – and Shanahan’s twin daughters. And that’s only the beginning. As Mike delves into the family affairs, he encounters incompetence, embezzlement, betrayal, and even an attempted murder. Remaining ever loyal to the family, his role takes on new meaning, and he finds himself hopeful for the future and the chance for a new life. At the heart of this entertaining drama is an extraordinary Irish family, beautifully flawed and utterly relatable.


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