Vince Hennessy

The Sinful Son

With Dr. Kronos Nephus, Sir Thomas, and The Chronological Changer on their way to Florida, the journey for a cure and new scientific breakthroughs continues as the three travelers head toward a dark future. In Florida, a unique individual of undying wrath awaits, bred from the past which he cannot escape. Along with a psychotic torturer whom he loves, the man of hatred is on a journey of personal discovery and

recovery as the two sides of his mind battle endlessly. A head on confrontation inevitable, Kronos, Sir Thomas, and the real life speedster encounter The Dark Depressor in a battle that will drastically change the course of their journey, as well as society’s knowledge of unique individuals. At the same time, the other unique individuals Kronos has encountered so far are making their fi nal decisions on what to do about their future.

They are determined to find the man who came into their lives only to leave without answering their countless questions, and now that they know they are not the only ones to exist, they’re willing to do anything to find out more!


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