Donna K Drawdy

The Small Town Paparazzi

How did they get here?

How was this all going to play out? God-fearing Pate and Maddie Weiss had unwillingly become the talk of the small community they’d recently moved to, the center of unwanted intrigue and drama. Their only desire had been to help bring the word of God to their fellow townsfolk, but now unknown issues were surfacing from their own lives and pasts, where both had faced many twists and turns. Many days of drama and pain plagued them as they tried to make sense of it all, struggling against the cloud of evil that enveloped them. Their lives had become like a huge jigsaw puzzle with pieces that didn’t fit together.

Would God breathe His life into their besieged family and perform a miracle? Would they trust in God and each other, and hold onto the hope that they would all make it through the storm? Would God take what the enemy had meant to be evil and turn it into good for their family?

Through the understanding of God’s Word and by His power and might, a person can fulfill the purposes God has for their life and be victorious.


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