Gary Sytsma

The Stinker Doggie Who Became a Prince

While a practicing child and family therapist, Gary Sytsma would often read books about values to his younger clients. This ritual inspired Sytsma to begin writing his own books on subjects he felt were important, namely advocating for the humane treatment of animals and pet adoption. “All of my writing thus far has been a labor of love for me, but the stories of my rescue Chiweenie pups, Dot and Dash, are particularly close to my heart,” Sytsma said. Following on the heels of his first book, The Lost Doggie Who Became a Princess, Sytsma presents the true tale of his rescue dog’s display of empathy, patience and love for his sister in this heartwarming tale.

Readers of “Lost Doggie Who Became a Princess book have made the following comments during their reviews: “Heartwarming.” Love and patience.” Unconditional love and compassion for animals in need of rescue.” “Wonderful illustrations.” “Important lessons for children and adults alike.” The Stinker Doggie Who Became a Prince follows along this same theme.

In The Stinker Doggie Who Became a Prince, Dash is jealous of his sister Dot and is struggling to overcome his feelings, which is no small task for dogs or humans. Ultimately, Dash moves past his desire to please only himself and demonstrates concern at a time when Dot is suffering, thus allowing him to fully accept her companionship and forge a bond with his sister. “Watching Dash’s true nature and spirit emerge highlighted how he truly possesses the qualities of a fairy tale prince,” Sytsma said. “My desire is to send a message to readers about the mutual benefits of pet adoption.” The Stinker Doggie Who Became a Prince is available for purchase online at


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