Elizabeth Steele

The Telling of Anna Elizabeth

Anna Elizabeth Brantley tells of her life growing up with her sister, Mary in London England. She is born in the most economic and ever-changing world of the First World War and Second World War. It is her story of coming of age and her plight to help returning soldiers. She is in a world of unrest and diseases and many suffer from disabilities and mental illness. Hunger and homelessness is all around London and the world. With all this, she makes the decision to help in any way she can as her kind and generous nature spill out. She tells about the strides for changes after the war and how quickly the economic boom started. It reflects on her own life through love and the suffering of death within her own family. There are secrets of her family that Anna doesn’t know about until the veil of death has fallen on certain members. Coming face to face with unimaginable secrets and her rich ancestry, Anna being a strong and indomitable spirit, doesn’t give up till she solves every question and mystery.


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