Anthony St Michael

The Tortoise and The Mongoose

In this colorfully illustrated children’s picture book, an evil seven-headed snake named Ibabi appears out of the ocean and starts blockading the coastal town of Tortoise City. The Tortoise boats are then not able to leave the island to deliver their wonderful music to other cities around the world. This makes them sad so they ask Mongoose King for help. He sends only one strong warrior named Kem. This brave and clever warrior is able to formulate a plan to defeat Ibabi, and asks for a tortoise volunteer to help. A tortoise named T’ini steps forward. At first T’ini doubts the mongoose’s plan, but after some encouraging words they set out, swimming toward the giant snake. With fierce determination, Kem and T’ini manage to defeat Ibabi with one swing of Kem’s sword. A fun and exciting book for kids ages 2-10, that’s also perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers to open conversations about having patience, never giving up, and being fierce even against overwhelming odds.


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