F.B.W. Browne

The Truth

My Prayer for you and your journey Our Heavenly Father, we have been missed lead and confused by man and his traditions. That We seek the true knowledge of your wisdom. To pass it on and to help your children to grow in your true words.This book is an introduction to a 9-book series. I am writing as you read about his true word and the meaning behind his gifts, wisdom, and desire he has for us. I was confused and had so many questions, when I become a new child of the Heavenly Father. So, I did what everybody else does I go to my grandfather for the answer, because he was a great man of the Heavenly Father and knew his words. After I have asked him the questions, he told me what he knew. However, there were questions he could not answer. I started reading the Bible and studying his word. I did great research for over 20 years. I have uncovered the true words and knowledge of the Father and his purpose for me. In my search, I came across great men and women of the Father to help me learn and get the answers I seek. I also went to great places and Holy places to research the true word of the Father. I pray that this book will help you answer the questions that you seek.

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