Shamece Dove

The Unknown Darkness of Love

In this deeply emotional novel, Lilianna Thomas is in college studying business administration in order to pursue her dream of producing her own natural hair and nail products. She has been heartbroken multiple times in the past, and as a result, the darkness in her heart has taken over and she retaliates on those who hurt her.

Derrick Robinson is a businessman who has not gotten over a rough childhood. He doesn’t take rejection well, especially if he is already in love. Lilianna is the one he wants, he is determined to keep her locked in his arms, whether she likes it or not.

These two broken souls quickly fall for each other’s outer appearance before getting to know the other’s true self. In reality, their strong attraction was just simple lust, but they are each afraid to let go because they fear having their heart broken. Both are fighting the darkness within themselves, while outwardly they show confusion, distrust, miscommunication, control, and in the end, physical and emotional abuse. Will they be able to overcome the darkness and emerge into the light? Or will they succumb to continue the cycle of cruelty…


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