Christie Johnson

The Wonder Crew

In this fun and inclusive chapter book, join the adventures of The Wonder Crew-Cinnamon, Sweet Potato, Peaches, Cocoa, Hamburger and Peanut as they venture into each other’s fantasies! When they become scared, nervous or frightened, they push their pictures on the back of their medallions and POOF! they are whisked off on many exciting adventures. Explore with the crew as they are transported to faraway places like Candylane Ave, where everything is made of candy, to landing inside a gigantic dog. Let’s go!

Using fantasy as a coping mechanism when faced with fear, trauma or just uncomfortable situations is validated in this story. Children typically have very vivid imaginations and a strong penchant for fantasy and make believe. Depicting fantasy as something good can help them foster a positive and healthy imagination.

An entertaining illustrated book aimed at kids age 7-10 that will dispel racial stereotypes and encourage children to explore different interests and activities not typical to expectations. It will also encourage positive behavior by showing the consequences of making good vs bad decisions.

Expand children’s minds! This story is a great way for parents, teachers and caregivers, to foster a dialogue about bullying, diversity, coping skills, good decision making, imagination and future aspirations!


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