Joe Bullmer

The Wright Story

Aviation aficionados will especially revel in Telling the Wright Story by Joe Bullmer, a new scientifically and historically accurate, unbiased account of the birth of aviation. The fact is that what many readers think is all Wright, is actually not. In nine fully annotated chapters, complete with illustrations, the author unveils twenty-six myths surrounding the Wright Brothers’ research, testing, and contributions to early flight. Beginning in 1740, the author chronicles the evolution of flight and examines the experiments of Sir George Cayley, Otto Lilienthal, Percy Pilcher, Octave Chanute, and many others. In nine chapters with titles such as “Working with the Wrights: 1899-1905,” “Secrets, Spies, and Enemies,” and “Birth of the Aviation Industry,” the book takes a decidedly international and all-encompassing approach and explains how it is that none of the designs originated by the Wrights were used in aircraft within a decade of their infamous flight.


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