Andrew Caldwell


Andrew Caldwell trained and worked firstly as a classically trained chef, then resort manager, in some fourteen countries around the World from Bermuda to Africa. Using his travels to avidly visit sixty other countries and their historical sites along the way, Andrew has walked Hadrian’s wall, Machu Picchu, King Tut’s tomb, pirate haunts in the Caribbean, and Aztec, Inca and Maya sites in Mexico and Central America. Many other locations helped develop his passion for history, which he combined with his love for cooking to create a trilogy of historical cookery books featuring legendary figures from the past, their lives, early demise, and the recipe for their final meals. Part historical narrative, and part grilling guide and cookbook, the first twenty chapters of Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals Volume 1, is now joined by Their Last Suppers 2, which covers another twenty eclectic characters from Nero to Versace, and Their Last Suppers 3, Legends of Music and Movies.


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