Joan Dean

They’re Already Here!

Andrew and Meredith have a loving, supportive family and a group of close-knit neighbors they call friends. But when a new couple moves into the neighborhood, Meredith’s friend Veronica senses something is off and does some digging. It will cost Veronica her life. Determined to find out why Veronica was killed, Bob, Andrew’s brother, who has done some covert work for the government, begins an investigation of his own. He learns the mannequin factory Veronica was investigating has an entirely secret dimension to the building that is not on any blueprint, and the company is building human-like androids. And the androids are being made to look exactly like some high-level government officials. He also learns that an FBI agent working undercover as a janitor in the same factory has gone missing. It doesn’t take long for Andrew and Meredith to realize their family is being watched, and their house has been bugged. With the help of federal agents, they relocate, find new friends, and start a new life. But with modern technology, the past is never really behind you, and people can never really disappear, no matter where they go. So what do you do when technology catches up with you? Try to outrun it again or turn and face a sinister enemy who stronger, more analytical and without ethics?

They’re Already Here is a game of high stakes, where some will win and others will lose it all. Casting a spotlight on the AI industry, Joan M. Dean addresses the moral and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and considers the possibility of a future where AI reigns supreme.


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