Louis Broussard

Thoughtful Places

Who, when in a pensive mood, does not revive past events, old friends, and happy times,

to bring these into the present lest they be lost into the void of forgetting? Let me breathe the air of my yesterdays, let me trace the paths I can no longer walk, let me be near to the places time has made distant. It is these thoughtful places which I seek so a part of my today can relive the places of my yesterdays.

This wonderfully varied and nostalgic poetry collection by Louis Kendall Broussard, Sr, contains over 200 poems to be thoroughly enjoyed. Most are rhyming, some are free verse, others are prose, and all have a story or theme. The poems are divided into nine categories of interests: Love, Spiritual, Pall and Pensive, Forest and Fields, Mortality and Time, Humor, Children’s Poetry, Fantasy, and Work. Readers will discover their own memories in his poems, which are sure to touch their hearts briefly but tenderly.

Fans of James Whitcomb Riley, Robert Frost, and Eugene Field will delight in this collection.


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