Santo Cervello

Time Gates: Volume V

The five volumes of “Time Gates” by Santo Cervello hold almost seven hundred art images that are now on display and are being organized and promoted to be seen. Volume V is the last of the series.

Time Gates Volume V Forward By Grace Lebecka

As an artist, Santo opens volumes of doors through portals. Each page we turn guides us on a timeless journey. All the characters are important and have the need to appear. The props, sets, costumes, and fantastical backdrops have a need to be seen for the audience to view. This motif becomes the thread that weaves through each of his volumes. Hell, deception, hunger as well as tranquil beauty, all are happening and existing next to each other along with powerful sounds of ancient prayers and chants.

By viewing the images we enter an inner universe, pulsating in a particular rhythm and vibration. The colorful rich tapestry of Santo’s images and the vast panorama of the backgrounds bring the viewer to the footsteps of another Time Gate.

Transformation takes place when we allow ourselves to go deeper, passing each gate within a gate, doors opening up endlessly revealing the depths, vastness, and richness of those inner worlds. At times we hear a song or we sense a feeling field of music reverberating through the spheres.

It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning, the light coming from the windows was shining and the whole floor where Santo’s art was displayed seemed to glow and smile. I had seen these images before, but now my perception was different. The images I considered “dark” or “disturbing” looked like they went through a transformation, losing their negative undertone.

The Great Chinese Teacher T’ien-t’ai talks about three thousand realms existing, within a single moment of life.

“The Silent Organ Pipes Playing,” is the image that ends our series but art will always be alive and an artist stands up in response to the needs of the time.

Welcome to Volume V.


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