R.J. Wyatt

To Banish a Tree

This story is about a magical underground world, the World Under, where young Abigail Eberleaf, a girl age 10, part human and tree, is banished from the world she knows. She will be helped by a new friend, Squeaks the bat. Squeaks will join her in this endeavor. That is to locate her abducted parents and put right her loving home again. In this impossible quest she will lose her childhood meeting others like her, the royal twins, Miranda and Aaron, who have also lost their parents through no fault of theirs. It will take Abigail a while to realize she is not alone after all. As her search becomes intertwined with her new friend’s search for a safe haven, Guided by a wizard named Paul, wrongfully cursed into being a large goat. This quest will change the course of the entire World Under as well as their own lives: I hope you enjoy my magical escape.


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