Rachel N. Paverman

To The Abyss

At age 25, Rachel Paverman was living a healthy and normal life, flourishing in her young career, and traveling the world. Suddenly, her world came crashing down when a cavernous malformation was detected on her brainstem, which bled and caused her to have a stroke. She underwent three risky brainstem craniotomies in a four-month period to remove the lesion, suffering multiple additional strokes in between her surgeries. Afterwards, she was left with a multitude of challenges that would change her young life forever. Then came the start of the COVID pandemic which further delayed her rehabilitation process. That was when she began writing her story down and documenting her recovery.

This optimistic, humorous, yet serious memoir follows Rachel’s experiences as she struggles through and ultimately overcomes her new challenges. Through it all, Rachel learns that life is a blessing that should never be taken for granted.

To learn more about Rachel, check out her website at: www.rachelpaverman.com


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