Walter D. Honeycutt IV

Today…I Am Blessed

In the spring of 2020, society was turned upside down by an unseen enemy. Covid-19 forced us to conduct day to life in ways we have never experienced such as being locked down and wearing facing masks. Social media echoed the voices anger and fear of the unknown.- e lockdown was a blessing for me. I was forced to focus on completing my dissertation and complete projects around the house. – This devotional was born from a simple picture of a completed project I posted on social media with the comment “Today…I Am Blessed”. I had no intention to make other posts. However, each day something different caught eye, and I posted the picture with the same phrase “Today…I Am Blessed”. Every day, we have a choice to give attention to either the blessings or the challenges in our life. – The more we begin looking for the blessings, the more visible they will become. – is devotional shares a 31-day journey of blessings through the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day consists of the untold story behind each picture, a scripture, a life lesson and concludes with questions to guide you to applying the principles to your life. – This is not a typical read once devotional. As life changes, the application of each lesson reveals a new meaning. – The reflections will challenge you to openly examine yourself and your growth. Today…I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my story with you!


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