Donald DeStefano

Tony Calamusa – The Fixer

Tony Calamusa, The Fixer, is a fictional story based on real events taking place in the 1950s through the 1980s. Raised by his mother in a disadvantaged neighborhood in the Bronx, Tony lacks discipline and guidance, constantly getting into trouble with his close friends. He joins the US Marine Corps and excels, gaining the attention of the base commander. The two men bond, and after graduation, the commander uses his influence to secure a high level position for Tony at Hanford Nuclear Facility. The government uses Tony to remove obstacles in their way, and in so doing, he gains the reputation as a fixer. Later, Tony is offered a job with the DEA, where he again is asked to neutralize individuals that are obstacles to the nuclear industries and foreign cancer treatment centers, seeking to halt advances being made by alternative cancer clinics.


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