Jason Karameros

Travel Like Us

Solo, group, and family travelers of all budgets who are looking to maximize their experiences will love this book. This practical guide shows readers how to travel wisely, save money while traveling, and get the most out of their vacation time and dollars. It’s a fun, educational, and unique how-to travel book that gives a slightly different take on the genre by giving solid travel advice for adults…with a twist. It’s written by the author from the perspective of his two children, using the family’s photos and their specific experiences as examples.

Jason Karameros has been an educational consultant and private tutor for over 20 years. An Ivy League educated native New Yorker, he still lives in Manhattan with his wife, two children, and their puppy, Truffle. He is an avid traveler and normally spends more than two months a year exploring the world. He enjoys wine and cocktails, cooking at home, and dining out. A gastronome as well as fitness buff, he lives to “Travel, eat, work out, repeat!”


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