Joan Von Lehe

Up the Downhill Slide

Have you ever looked around and wondered just what it would be like to be that “OLD” person over there? You know, the slow one. The one who looks confused. The one who is struggling to get where he or she is going. The one who cannot remember names . . . or anything else for that matter. Someday, this could be YOU! Well, grab your Depends! These witty journal entries o-ffer quirky bits of “wisdom” concerning the physical, mental, and emotional quandaries of growing older and the desperate attempts to overcome the inevitable geriatric decline. The subjects include everything from dietary issues to memory lapses to amusing efforts to exhibit a young-old persona. If you ever need a gift for someone from age 40 to 90 – this is it! Laughter is good medicine, so you may as well get strapped in for the ride and chuckle your way through the universal dilemmas of growing old.


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