Kenneth Scarlett

Victory Day

The last 14 months of the American Revolution, the final phase after Yorktown, were crucial for the declared “united States” to achieve their collective and sovereign independence. This groundbreaking, updated history of The Revolutionary War is based on recently deciphered and transcribed, first-person correspondence from the American military, civilian, political, and diplomatic leaders who were running the war. It brings to light the successful Southern Continental Army military strategy which resulted in taking back the lower South from British occupation and explains how that offensive was fundamental to creating the negotiating advantage that ended the war and awarded the thirteen colonies their independence.

In this fascinating book, DAR Medal for Patriotism award-recipient Kenneth Scarlett analyzes the war’s lesser-known battles, rapid troop movements, and the importance of territory possession, as well as the ethics of the war based on America’s founding values and codes of military conduct. He explores the activities of a traitor who unintentionally changed the course of an uncertain war to one America could win and describes the management of the Southern war from concept to reality, beginning with the First Battle of Charlestown in 1776 to the British evacuation in 1782. The book acquaints readers with the possible options and decisions various commanders faced at critical moments in time, and how the complete defeat of the British Southern strategy won the war. Above all, it tells the forgotten stories of America’s journey to collective, sovereign independence against all odds.

Anyone interested in the upcoming 250-year American semi-quincentennial, and those who would like a roadmap of important places and battle sites for the upcoming celebrations are sure to enjoy this book. A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to the British-built Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon and new International African American Museum in Charleston, South Carolina.


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