McQueeney, W. Thomas

Voyages, Passages, & Pilgrimages

The dawn of global interaction has found its warm sunshine in the past century of international travel. Too often we may pass through without fully appreciating what is there that is different than what we knew from home. In his humorous and insightful exploration, author W. Thomas McQueeney takes you to the cultural diversity, historical characters, and exciting experiences you’ll treasure always.

Not meant to be a travel guide, but rather a “life’s experience guide” to places to be enjoyed and even to be enamored. The author’s fourteenth book covers a genre set within his passion for travel. There are personal adventures detailed, international events attended, and the fortunate “happenstance” of genuine friends met along the way. The author’s keen sense of humor adds to travelogue, while it piques the overall interest of the excursion. Unlike the glossy guides, you will be forewarned of places of potential danger, the concern of pickpockets, and the belligerence of many crowded tourist traps.

Importantly, this production is also meant for those who may not travel at all. It’s a way to bring the reader to the places through the experiences of the author. The presentation is as entertaining as it is informative.


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