McCullough, Megan Johnson

Weighted Wings

What we see in the mirror has a power that we let define us, and spiritual well-being. We have become weighed down by what a scale reads, a diet’s rules, and/or the opinions of others. Body image starts, persists, and can end the day, consuming one’s thoughts. At the heart of the matter is FOOD. American culture doesn’t eat to nourish and fuel our bodies, no, we have taken on a live to eat rather than eat to live mindset. What to eat is a persistent decision each day, multiple times per day. We control what we eat, but when what we eat reflects what we see in the mirror, the consequences of deceptive thinking can take over. Eating disorders, diets of all types, and weight loss surgeries have resulted. Following the, Dietary Guidelines, has become confused with images from social media and quick fixes to change and mold the body to what we want…although we will never fully get what we want. Weighted Wings discusses the research behind this phenomenon and includes personal insight from shared experiences. The butterfly is not meant to have weighted wings, too heavy or too light to let a person share their beautiful soul with the world no matter what size or shape. Life will never be weightless, but our wings are better equipped to take flight when we accept ourselves and love ourselves and transform that mirror’s reflection to see ourselves with our chins up, wings spread, and feeling internal and external peace.


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