Kendrick S. Sterling

What Today’s Parent MUST Know About Today’s Classroom!

Author Kendrick Sterling describes six practical, innovative, and powerful methods to enliven and ignite a passion for learning in each and every child. It is time to stand on our desks and make every school in America the best it can be. It has been his mission to make a difference in the lives of our children and parents. Over his many years in education, Mr. Sterling, has seen remarkable teachers who inspire kids to greatness and sadly, he has also witnessed classrooms that were drained of all energy, filled with students struggling to stay awake and teachers in desperate need of inspiration. In deciding to fulfill his grand purpose to create a revolution from the ground up in education, where educators are full of creativity, energy, and possess an unparalleled passion to do whatever it takes to lead every child to success, he shares these six key methods (that parents MUST know) that are taking place in today’s classroom so parents may forge a true partnership with teachers in providing the best learning environment and opportunities possible. This book is only the first step in bringing Mr. Sterling’s goal to fruition.


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