Maurice Jackson

What’s In Your Diet?

In this groundbreaking and thought-provoking book, gospel recording artist Maurice Jackson examines how the Natural diet intertwines with the Spiritual aspects of our lives, and how our purpose and destiny can be forever changed with one dietary choice.

The diet common in the African American culture at home, at church, and at daily meals, the food prepared for holidays, church anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and even for simple meals is consumed not realizing the repercussions and devastating effects on the human family resulting in obesity, heart failure, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Maurice speaks from experience on the effects of bad dietary choices. Food, drugs, and even how we think, can all be toxic and can dictate and alter our lives. He believes the topic should be discussion for all believers. God is speaking to us, telling us not to defile our bodies. We are a Holy, Chosen, and Peculiar People.


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