C.J. Ayers

Where Humanity Lives

Cold mist escaped from James and Si’s lips as their eyes looked hard into the barely lit night. Neither of them could believe what they were witnessing as the scene before them was a sight they never imaged to see. Here under the beautifully sculptured bridge the displaced people of their town gathered, huddled together trying to stay warm.

The secret that they had been investigating for weeks had finally revealed the hidden answer that no one had expected or even dreamed of especially in Woodberry. James and Si looked each other in the eyes as they understood what the next step in the mystery would require. All that was left was to find a way to right the wrong and hope that everyone would work harder for the betterment of all citizens.

“To the end of eternity and beyond” James said as he reached for Si’s hand to put the final touches on the mystery of what happened to Norton Gibbs.


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