Alan W. Maki

Where the Road Ends… The Adventure Begins

It’s a big world out there; go and make the best of it.

Have you ever noticed that across North America and even the rest of the world, when you fly into a city a great adventure always begins with travel on an interstate highway with six or more lanes, then exits to a state road with two or four lanes, then progresses to a two lane road, then onto a dirt road, and finally to a logging, mining, or ranch road? And where the road ends, the adventure begins…

Alan W. Maki is convinced that as a parent and grandparent, one of the most important legacies he can leave behind is a passionate and wholesome devotion to the outdoors and the animals that inhabit wild places. He knows that someday one of those kids or grandkids will brush their hand on the bark of a tree deep in the hardwood forest, or wet their hand as they release a freshly caught trout, and then they will understand his hopes for a legacy left behind.

Jack London once said, “I would rather be ashes than dust, a spark burnt out in a brilliant blaze, than be stifled in dry rot… For man’s chief purpose is to live, not to exist; I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them; I shall use my time.”


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