Gatewood, Natasha

Who’s That Girl?

Bianca is use to being the most popular and smartest girl in class. Nicknamed Queen Bee, she is everyone’s favorite. Until, one day a new girl named Jasmine comes along and threatens to steal her shine. This does not sit very well with Bianca or her friends. Doing everything in her power to destroy the new girl and keep her reigning Queen B title, Bianca turns into someone she cannot even recognize herself. Filled with trickery and deceit up her sleeve, Bianca stops at nothing and does not care who she hurts on her quest to get rid of Jasmine. After things start to really get bad between the girls, Bianca is forced to learn a lesson about herself. Filled with plots and twists that will keep you laughing and surprised throughout the book, you will also learn the important lesson of self-love and confidence.


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