Erin Dolores Bambery

Why Is Saying Goodbye So Hard?

I was inspired to write this book when I lost my bunny Bowie in 2020. He died very suddenly of GI stasis despite intensive veterinary care. Bowie had been my constant companion for two years and losing him felt like losing a part of myself. He had such a big personality and everyone who met him was devastated to hear of his death. Bowie was already a senior bunny when I adopted him so I knew that I would not have him for a very long time. This made me cherish even more all the time that I did have with him. I spent every possible moment loving, snuggling, and playing with him. My parents did too! One of the ways I cope with his loss is by reminding myself that I gave him the best life I possibly could. He received love and affection from so many people. Bowie was a very special bunny. About a month after he passed, another bunny named Potato needed a home right before Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another pet so quickly but how could I not help a bunny in need? I brought Potato home and he immediately settled in and bonded with my chinchilla Cheech! Now the three of us live happily together. I want to honor Bowie’s memory by helping others understand and cope with losing a pet. Moving forward after a death is hard but always achievable with love and support.

-Erin Dolores Bambery


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