Heather Dennis

Why Must I

Through this book, in telling these stories, I am sharing messages of hope and perseverance. These stories, from a wide range of human experiences, demonstrate how people can overcome difficulties and thrive. The theme of this book is very personal to me because my life has been far from perfect. As a woman in my fourth decade on this journey that is life, I am still striving for personal growth and reaching for that sense of completeness and accomplishment that marks a life well-lived. I have known hardship and struggle in my life, and in truth, the odds were stacked against me before I was born. Born to a teenage mother and raised by multiple relatives, my childhood lacked stability and structure. I had to grow up quickly and leave my childhood behind. That was just the beginning, but the bumps in the road kept coming. I had to be resilient and strong to continue to make my way over, around, and through these obstacles. Those of us fortunate enough to live this life for any number of years will undoubtedly encounter some strife and struggle along the way. Only a lucky few are able to make it through the journey of life relatively unscathed.


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