Isiah Baldwin

Why We Have Brothers and Sisters

Truly Adam and Eve made some mistakes, and the problems grew worse as their life began to move forward. Through every generation the people stumbled and fumbled along the way and humanity got more entangled in life s mud puddles. There are things in this book to help all of the readers see themselves and realize the strength we have in our blood-siblings and those we consider close enough to be a sibling, in some way. After so many generations of wars, ill and real strong strategies of World, National and Local leadership, the scope of this book will shed some much-needed light on those and other issues. Everyone should give themselves an opportunity to rethink their lives, and take a different look at themselves and others before time, as we know it, ends and it will be too late to fix things. This book reveals that, we have hope to help ourselves and each other. With-out a shot being fired or no one being arrested; just taking a different look at who we are and what we mean to each other, we will get to know why we have brothers and sisters.


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