Dr. Jim Bentley

Wing Chun

WING CHUN The Evolutionary Science of Self-Defense, Combat, and Human Performance is sure to be a classic in martial arts literature for decades to come. This book is meant to preserve this knowledge lest it be lost to antiquity. It is the first interactive book of its kind, containing QR codes linking to how-to video tutorials for beginners to the most advanced martial arts practitioners. This compendium of knowledge coincides with the authors online certification programs at BeachTownAthleticClub.com where students from all walks of life can earn their certificates in technical levels and belt rankings in Self-Defense, Children’s’ Mommy and Me/ Dads and Pads – White Belt through Black Belt, and Advanced Close Quarter Combat Wing Chun – White Belt through 4th degree Black Belt. Learn at your own pace with this beautiful guide to refer back to.

With over 25 years of training, teaching, and developing curriculums in the science, art, and philosophy of the Wing Chun, Sifu Dr. Jim Bentley is excited to share this knowledge with you today. The strength of the Wing Chun System is adaptability. Whether you are looking for self-defense, belt ranking, ring fighting, advanced street fighting, balancing, peace, grounding, enhanced brain balancing, mental focus, deeper thought processes, or even how moves work for choreography, there is something special for everyone in the systems presented in this comprehensive book.

The information in this guide to Wing Chun is presented in five ways: visual, audio, kinesthetic, in a cyclic format, and in an expansive way that teaches the information in its totality, so it is not limited by the author’s own filters. In this way the system will remain forever expansive and not restricted by one’s ego or self-limiting view. By the end of the book, readers will have a full working knowledge of the Wing Chun System, in addition to many other sophisticated systems of combat with references to go back to and review at your leisure.

This expansive explanation of Wing Chun’s vast intricacies is a beautiful compendium of work handed down for generations and enhanced by each generation. Traditionally Wing Chun is meant for intimate class settings and decades of a master pouring Wing Chuns’ beauty into their willing and eager pupil. It is the cumulative collection of the life’s work of the great masters handed down to hand picked disciples.

Martial art’s true purpose is to develop a connection to the innate and universal natural order and being an active participant within that universal flow. Not fighting against a force but flowing with it, through you, as you are part of it. It is the authors goal and belief that every child and adult in our world should know how to protect themselves. Everyone deserves to have that confidence.


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