Richburg, Terrence D.

Wisdom Treasures: Ageless Riches for A Modern Society

At a time when people are suffering and need God’s wisdom as never before, how does one make wise choices and life decisions in the pursuit of happiness and success? This book explores the answers to those questions and more. It examines the details of how wisdom is gained, and how its investment or the lack thereof impacts the contour and value of one’s life from cradle to grave. It shows us there is hope in the midst of our suffering, and that hope is found through the fear and reverence of a sovereign God.

In these pages you will find a fresh perspective on using the power of spiritual wisdom and understanding to navigate and impact today’s society. Biblical legacies and ageless proverbs are meshed with a modern-day harvest of assimilated wisdom, resulting in firm principles to live by and benevolently pass on to future generations.

The author’s personal stories and experiences help to illustrate the essential theme and purpose of the book, as well as provide unique yet relatable experiences to which the reader can easily identify. It is a wisdom treasure to keep for the ages.


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