John Henry Womack

Witnessing the Providence of God

“God may not come when you want him-but He’s always right on time.” My mother and father told me that-and Rev. Dr. John Womack reminds us in vivid detail and testimony about the truth of that saying. Witnessing the Providence of God will encourage, inspire, and renew your perspective that God is Good all the time and all the time God is Good. Rev. Womack reminds us that there are no accidents when God is involved. Rev. Womack is not a theorist when it comes to God’s providence-he is a practitioner. Rev. Womack doesn’t just talk about providence-he has lived it out his entire life. Witnessing the Providence of God is a must read for anyone who needs direction about seeing God at work in their life. Rev. Womack clearly reminds us that “how we got over” is nothing less than God’s good hand at work in our lives.


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