Lillie Johnson

Woman In A Bottle

This adult romance starts during slavery times. At seven months old, Sarah Ann was placed on Francis Johnson’s porch, and she became Sarah Johnson. Back then, wealthy Thomas Sr. was in love with Henrietta, Sarah’s mother. But being together was impossible because Henrietta was a slave and Thomas was white. Growing up, Sarah never liked Thomas Jr. because he was always mean to her. At a dinner party at his house he sees hatred in his parents’ treatment of Sarah. But he falls in love with her. His love is real and doesn’t see race. As teenagers he pursues her, but she refuses to be intimate with him. Instead, she falls for Jacob, whose family is new in town. Later, when Thomas Jr. comes home from college, he marries Nancy, the town whore, then hires Sarah to be their maid, mainly to stop Sarah and Jacob’s wedding. Despite some violent and turbulent encounters, Sarah eventually returns his love. When Thomas Sr. finds out about their relationship, he insists they cannot be together because of their shades. But that is a lie. And Thomas Jr. vows to make all the liars pay.

Graphic sexual content.


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