Abigail Couzens

Women in Posture

In this unique devotional written specifically for women, Abigail Couzens reaches out to millions of women across the globe in order to help posture them back to their rightful place as daughters of God. The devotions encourage spiritual growth, helping women to gain confidence in who they are, and to understand there is more to us because there is more in us. Using Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, Abigail shares the importance of having a posture in prayer and fasting. She speaks to the broken woman, the woman with a plan, women with hidden secrets, as well as the healed woman and shares what it means to be a waiting woman. She breaks down purpose, fear, character, vision, and most importantly, she teaches the importance of having both faith and posture. There cannot be any faith without the correct posture in one’s heart in believing that Jesus Christ is Lord. This inspirational devotional was written to help women and young teenagers understand whose we are, and the power that rest within us. It will heal and help you find your purpose in life. The book is an easy read for anyone who is looking to learn and grow by reading God’s Word. Abigail is determined to get the Word into everyone’s hearts and minds. So, grab your notepad, pen, and highlighter, and dig into this exceptional devotional.


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