Lisa Balocca

Words Unspoken

Delilah has her mind focused on enjoying the summer with friends while working on some online summer courses to get ahead on her final semester of college. That is, until an unexpected love interest named Damon, decides to pursue her. As much as she tries to deny the attraction, an uncontrollable fi re in her burns for him.

But Damon has secret plans that he has yet to let her in on. When he finally decides to, it is life altering for them both. Delilah is crushed by the decision he has made without her. Ultimately, she cuts him completely out of her life.

The two of them each end up moving on through the years. Delilah has a serious boyfriend when Damon comes back into the picture. In attempts to win her heart, he selfishly breaks all boundaries leaving Delilah with another difficult decision.


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