McCullough, Megan Johnson

Working Out of My Cocoon

Writing is a form of self-expression that connects the mind’s thoughts to create words of meaning. Poetry is a form of art that creatively combines these words allowing the writer to convey emotion and tone. As the journey of my authorship continues from Biceps and Butterflies and An Addict’s Flight, sharing my life’s experiences has been transformational and telling of how we all have the ability to work our way out of our cocoons. This collection of fifty-five poems is symbolic of the number five. Fifty-five is the age I lost my mother at when she was trapped in her cocoon of alcohol addiction. Her spirit was present in Biceps and Butterflies as I unintentionally ended the book with fifty-five chapters. In An Addict’s Flight, the chapter regarding alcoholism appeared on page fifty-five. In the Bible, the number five symbolizes God’s grace, God’s creation of our five fingers, toes, and senses, as well as the number of balance and harmony in our lives. This collection of poems is my tribute to my mother and her flight towards God’s grace. These poems convey our ability to take flight by truly believing we are not defined by our cocoons. We can create the life we want most when we accept the path of balance and harmony that God will provide.


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