Kenneth Burres

World War II as Seen by a Young Artist and Historian

This illustrated guide to World War II (WWII) is a primer on the war for everyone, young and old. WWII ended over 75 years ago, but it changed everything! There was much more to the war than fighting, like remaking the world for all time! We live in a “post-war” world with its good stuff like rockets, computers, and jets, but also its “baggage” like racism, crazed dictators, arms races, cold wars, and nuclear bombs. WWII is a part of our nation’s DNA! WWII was colossal, mind-boggling and it’s everywhere you look!

This book is a concise review of the 28 major events of WWII. The humorous, irreverent style connects the conflicts in the war to what’s going on now. Each of the 28 sections has a full page, color drawing by the author in his original doodle art style. His color cartoons of the war have comic touches that bring the war to life for young readers. “Free doodles” decorate many pages. WWII is not just the history of the Greatest Generation, it’s part of life for Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z!


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