Kathleen Millat Johnson

Year of the Onion

Author Kathleen Millat Johnson is alive and well, living in Summerville, South Carolina. Her year with cancer was both mysterious and terrifying. In 2018, she was alerted that something was coming her way that would halt the forward movement of her life. It came in the form of an onion that predicted hard times ahead. The core message of this book is to Wake up, the whole world is talking to us – even onions! In the Year of the Onion: A Healing Journey with Cancer, she reveals how inner resources such as dreams, symbolization, inquiry, synchronicities, reflection, intuition and meditation helped her deal with this life-threatening event. More than a memoir, Year of the Onion includes valuable information on how to use both hemispheres of the brain to make the best health decisions from a whole brain perspective and the essential questions to ask your doctor for the best medical care. Pay attention to all the guidance you have within you and everywhere around you, urges Kathleen in the Year of the Onion: A Healing Journey with Cancer. This is a book that will change how you look at life.


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