Caitlyn Lubas

You Are Where You Go

Are the places you’ve been an accurate portrayal of the person you want to be? Visiting 70 countries and all 7 continents by the age of 21 taught Caitlyn Lubas that travel is the best way to explore the world, and also the best way to step outside of your comfort zone and explore yourself. Reflecting on the unique ways that travel transformed her worldview and shaped her as a person, Caitlyn compiled this collection of her most pivotal experiences and perspective-shifting moments to show how everywhere you go becomes a part of you. Filled with vivid immersions into uncommon corners of the world coupled with personal reflections about many of life’s greatest lessons, each tied to a significant place, these stories inspire readers to reflect on their own travels and learn how to explore with the intention of learning and growing. Part memoir and part travel mindset guidebook, Caitlyn brings a refreshing Gen Z perspective to this travel manifesto for wanderlust-filled college students and explorers of all ages. You Are Where You Go is for travel lovers, the travel-curious, and anyone seeking inspiration to take that trip now. Your future self will thank you for the growth opportunity.

Discover unique travel stories like:
– Visiting the penguins, whales, and seals of Antarctica
– Camping on an overland safari for 6 weeks straight
– Learning about empathy after a motorbike accident in rural Vietnam
– Backpacking through Argentina and becoming friends with strangers
– Exploring solo versus partner travel in Australia
– Spending every weekend in a different country for 10 months


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