Cyi Taiga

Your Money Sign

MONEY IS ABOUT MORE THAN JUST NUMBERS. In short, quick to digest segments, Your Money SIGN covers the deeper issues behind everyone’s search for financial freedom and gives real life tools to help you along your money journey. Introducing the quadrant: SPEND: Will educate, entertain, and give real life tools for financial prog-ress through the four spending tiers. Tier 4: 99% or more of your income is spent a month. Tier 3: 98-80% of your income goes to bills. Tier 2: 50-79% of your income is gone leaving a small room for savings. Tier 1: 49% or less is needed for your expenses. INVEST: Learn about the 4 brains and why they affect your finances. Explore the 8 types of Zombie$ that will try to take your money and the principles to protect yourself. GIVE: You are more than your paycheck. Learn to give the world that which is uniquely you. NET: See why this is the 1 secret of the rich. And the Ultimate Rule is that once funds go into a certain account, it can not be transferred to another account. Along the way be introduced to Samantha, Stephanie, Susan, Sally, Izzy, Gabbi, and Nova. 7 fictional characters who reflect real life experiences. Follow Ms. Cyi Taiga as she guides you to defining your Floor and to setting your Ceiling. Learn the 16 Mythos to live by to help you master your financial mind-set. Your Money SIGN is not another budget system, it is a lifestyle.


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