Lara Tigler

You’re Saved

This inspirational memoir is all about one woman’s journey of spiritual enlightenment. Based on Dr. Lara Tigler’s life and her mystical Salvation experience with the Holy Spirit, her story shows how someone can go from having no faith to having such complete faith that they become saved. Her journey brings the reader through many harrowing life experiences, touching on family disruption, pursuing a dream career against incredible odds, betrayal, drug addiction, homelessness, supernatural and mystical encounters, and living happily ever after. She explores the purpose of life before Salvation and the purpose for life after one is saved. Lara illustrates what it means to be saved, destined to live in Heaven for all eternity, and still live on this earth. She delves into what it means to have no faith, as well as what it means to live a life full of faith, and does so in language that is easy to understand for both religious and non-religious readers. Those who are spiritually curious will enjoy this dramatic and loving tale of good versus evil and an ultimate Hollywood ending, fading into the sunset.


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