Alfredo I Custodio

You’ve Got M@il

You are lucky. Lucky, for to read this necessitates that you be alive. (Unless you’re someone’s “spirit” lingering around for some reason…like having a bone to pick with some of us, the living. Or, just one lost soul wandering aimlessly and happened upon this book)

Lucky, you’ve got the time to read. Chances are you’re one in the 2/3 of the world’s population with access to potable water. The other 1/3 are too busy looking for H2O to even bother about reading.
Huh? (I know what you’re saying: “This guy is not only weird but also disconnected.”) Read on.

In this book is a “m@il” that goes: “Why Am I Not Dead Yet?” Another way of saying – “Why are ‘YOU’ still alive?” (Pardon such bluntness!) Said “m@il” tells you – more or less – “why” You may want to own (or just read) this book for that – Reason #1.

Then there’s #2. Which we do regularly. (In fact being “regular” is the way “to go” and is desired)

But don’t just sit there! Multitask. Maybe…brush your teeth at the same time? While at it, grab “a little book” (“this one”) for a “quick read.”

Before you know it, your morning (or whenever you please) obligations are over with.


Oh…one more obligation. And take it from me: “Please (“PLEASE!”) wash your hands thoroughly with soap and copious amount of H2O” Be glad you’re not a spirit (yet) and have access to improved H2O supply.


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