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Our book publishing services were created to make the self-publishing process simple and easy. With personal, attentive customer service and satisfaction guaranteed, you can be sure you’re getting the highest level of service in the industry.

Publishing Essentials

While the content of your book is, of course, the most important, the look and feel of the finished product are both vital to the reader experience. Therefore, we require that authors utilize both our Cover Design and Interior Formatting services when publishing with us. Additional services can be added to supplement these mandatory book elements.

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Cover Design

A great cover stands out on the bookshelf, hinging on a captivating look with a clear design and strong composition. We’ll provide eye-catching design work, expertly selected typography, and custom details that showcase your work beautifully.

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Interior Formatting

Offering readers a smooth reading experience is all in the details and requires a professional layout. Our experienced designers format your book following industry best practices, utilizing elements from the cover to provide a seamless design.

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Bring your book to life with captivating illustrations that convey your story with a diverse range of artistic styles. Our team of skilled illustrators can create beautiful art for both the cover and interior across all book genres.

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Our seasoned team of editors leverage decades of editorial experience and fresh eyes to spruce up your manuscript. We carefully review structure, tone, grammar, and spelling via our comprehensive editing options to deliver a perfectly polished book.

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We’ve been in the printing industry for generations, so we’ll guide you through the process and ensure a high quality print run. With a variety of cover styles, bookbinding techniques, and custom trim sizes, your masterpiece will take center stage.

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Our expert guidance forms the foundation for a marketing plan that showcases your book to the world. From compelling book descriptions to intriguing press releases our goal is to excite readers and the media alike.

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