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Palmetto Publishing offers four different professional book cover design services tailored to meet the needs of any independent author based on their budget and design preferences. Learn more about our services below and how we can help you design a captivating book cover.

*Cover Design and Interior Formatting are required services.

Success Stories: Our Favorite Cover Designs

Book Cover Design Services

Check out our services below to find the right fit for your needs!

*Our cover design services are automatically formatted for paperback books. Additional fees are required for converting to hardcover and/or e-book.

Palmetto Cover

Palmetto Cover

Starting at $599

  • 1 Cover concept with front, spine, and back design
  • 1 Fully licensed premium stock image or author provided image
  • 1 Round of changes 
  • Popular for poetry, business, and religious books

Custom Cover

Starting at $699

  • 2 Cover concepts with front, spine, and back design
  • Up to 2 fully licensed premium stock images per concept
  • 2 Rounds of changes 
  • Appropriate for all genres
Custom Cover
Complex Cover

Complex Cover

Starting at $899

  • 3 Cover concepts with front, spine, and back design
  • Up to 4 fully licensed premium stock images per concept
  • 3 Rounds of changes 
  • Suitable for all genres, especially fiction

Illustrated Cover

Starting at $899

  • 1 Cover concept with 1 custom illustration across the front, spine, and back
  • Black & white sketch phase with 2 rounds of changes
  • Color illustration phase with 2 rounds of changes
  • Design phase with 1 round of changes (this round includes text placement)
  • Popular for fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s books
Illustrated Cover

Professional Book Cover Design

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Palmetto Cover

Our Palmetto Cover service is a clean and minimalistic design for genres like poetry, business, or religion, where emphasizing the text is paramount. It’s also a great choice for authors using existing artwork from a third-party designer or illustrator. This service option assumes minimal photo editing work but still packs a punch and effectively conveys your book’s tone to potential readers. 

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Custom Cover

Our Custom Cover service is appropriate for all genres and offers more choice and flexibility. This service is our most popular option, giving our authors more creative freedom to choose between two unique concepts. Your book is one of a kind, and we want the same for your cover! With our talented designers and collaborative approach, we’ll bring your book to life with a cover that matches your vision.

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Complex Cover 

Complex Covers are also suitable for all genres, with fiction being the most common. With this service, we offer three three distinct concepts that utilize more advanced image manipulation in order to capture a multifaceted vision. 

We deliver a value-added proposition, enhancing the writer’s original vision with our professional graphic design skills. It’s more than just a cover design — we handle the technical aspects of your book with the objective of crafting a concept that makes your book alluring, captivating, and unforgettable.

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Illustrated Cover

Our Illustrated cover is most popular for fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s book genres. With this service, our illustrators can create a custom piece of cover art that serves as a powerful storytelling tool for your readers. Whether you’re looking to showcase a custom character or bring a place in your fictional world to life, we can create a striking cover that will leave a lasting impression.

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E-book Conversion

If you purchase this service, we create the cover and interior design for paperback, then convert both files to e-book for $399. This service includes the EPUB file to make your e-book available on all major platforms.

Interior Formatting

Why Palmetto Publishing

At Palmetto Publishing, our mission is to help authors succeed. Here’s how we do it.

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Professional experience

We have years of experience and knowledge in the publishing industry and can guide you through the publishing process.

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Personalized publishing

Every author is different, so we offer customizable packages to tailor our services to your needs.

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Premium image libraries, including Getty Images

Our access to a vast library of high-quality images can help you create a captivating book cover design.

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One-on-one support

Our project managers are well-versed in publishing and provide the support you need during your publishing journey. You’ll work with one project manager throughout the entire process to ensure your needs and vision are met.

Additional Self-Publishing Services

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Our Book Cover Design Process

We help you inspire your readers with a professional book cover design. We utilize premium stock images, custom illustrations, expertly selected typography, and even author-supplied images to get a cover that exceeds your vision. Palmetto Publishing also handles the necessary details by including the ISBN and barcode. With the purchase of our Marketing Copy service, you’ll also receive back cover text expertly crafted by our marketing team.

Here’s an overview of our book cover design process.


Book Concept

Your dedicated project manager will ask questions to understand the tone and mood you want to convey to your audience. Understanding your book and cover preferences will help us work towards your vision right from the beginning.


Analyze Your Genre

We research typography, layouts, and color themes common to your genre to ensure your book cover design will fit the market.


First Look

You will receive your initial cover proofs within 4-10 business days.


Implement Your Revisions

Upon your review, we can begin rounds of revisions to meet your exact preferences.

Authors Love Our Work

See what our customers are saying about our professional book cover design services!

The Night Song Book Cover
Five Star Rating

“Palmetto Publishing exceeded all my expectations as a publishing partner. As a first-time author, I had a great team of people supporting me throughout the process. They got on calls with me, responded to emails, and ensured we were always on the same page. The quality of the final product, from cover design to print, was excellent and showcased their commitment to you and your vision. Palmetto Publishing is a true gem for authors seeking a trustworthy and skilled partner to bring their literary dreams to life.”

Michelle Ionescu


Why do you need a great book cover design?

A great book cover design is important for many reasons, primarily because it’s the first point of contact with potential readers. While we all know the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” readers are still more likely to pick up a book if the cover grabs their attention. 

A visually appealing cover also sets the tone of your book, giving readers an idea of its genre and theme. A captivating book cover can generate interest and increase the likelihood of people reading your book.

What sets apart a great book cover?

A great book cover will stand out from the crowd with its captivating design. It should have a clear title and subtitle with an attention-grabbing focal point. It has a strong composition with non-distracting details yet contains the right amount of intriguing visual elements while balancing white space. Book covers should engage potential readers and pique their curiosity, encouraging them to read further.

At Palmetto Publishing, we collaborate closely with authors to understand their vision and genre. With our experienced design team and resources, we help to create a professional book cover design that your readers will love.

How to choose the right designer for your book cover