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Publishing a book can feel like a monumental task, especially when you do it on your own. There’s a whole world of design choices, marketing strategies, and printing options that you need to navigate before your book finds its audience. Count on Palmetto Publishing to guide you along the way.

The art and photography genre provides a wonderful outlet for artists to showcase their work. Art and photography books come in various forms, with some containing in-depth knowledge of art history, while others exist simply for stylish additions to coffee tables. Publishing an art or photography book comes with unique requirements and strategies for ensuring the book’s success.

Self-publishing brings numerous benefits to authors, but completing this process alone has challenges. Palmetto Publishing strives to help authors successfully self-publish with the assistance of our book editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing services. Read on to learn more about the art and photography genre, publishing an art book, and how you can self-publish the right way.

What is the Art and Photography Genre?

The art literary genre contains nonfiction books about or showcasing art. This genre includes any art form like photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, fashion design, and more. Art books include topics like the technical aspects of an art form, a specific artist’s life and work, the history of an art form or style, and personal expositions. Art and photography books may contain only images, images with captions, or images and full bodies of text. Art books also include craft and coloring or other activity books. Overall, any nonfiction book that deals with art may fall into the art genre.

  • Some examples of books in the art genre include:

  • “ Time Gates: The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello” by Santo Cervello
  • “ A Collection of Lowcountry Birds” by Ron Scroggy
  • “ CarboN: The Primitivision” by Lawrence Armando Hodge
  • “Art as Experience” by John Dewey
  • “Greek Art and Archaeology” by John Griffiths Pedley
  • “History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture” by Frederick Hartt
  • “The Complete Paintings and Drawings” by Leonardo da Vinci
  • “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger

Many refer to this genre as “art and photography” because photography tends to dominate the genre. A photography book may include technical aspects of photography, personal work, the work of a renowned photographer, the history of photography, and more. Artists often self-publish collections showcasing personal photos.

Publishing Art and Photography Books

Every genre has its unique must-haves and successful publishing strategies, including the art and photography genre. Authors should know content standards, formatting, and more when creating and publishing art books. For example, readers of art and photography books expect to see higher-quality images than any other book type. Additionally, don’t neglect the written content as an afterthought. Organize any necessary guides or instructions, so readers don’t get confused about how to handle your work. Art and photography books require the most attention to cover design, as many readers buy from this genre solely for decoration. Overall, art and photography authors should strive to make their books beautiful and readable. You don’t want them to read like a textbook.

Authors need to understand the best practices for this genre when publishing art and photography books. For example, following specific formatting standards for each sub-genre of art books. Many art books also require a table of contents, citations, correctly formatted captions, and a glossary. Working with a professional publishing company like Palmetto Publishing when putting the final touches on your book ensures that it will shine in your specific genre.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your art or photography books offers many opportunities. While publishing through a traditional publishing house brings downsides like long waiting times, low royalty earnings, and reduced creative control, self-publishing allows for:

  • Faster publishing processes
  • Total creative control of content and design
  • Publishing books for niche audiences that traditional publishers might not pick up
  • The ability to start marketing right away
  • The highest level of royalty earnings
  • Getting one’s name out there as a new author

While self-publishing can be a challenging process that requires some initial investments, publishing independently carries immense possibilities for reward.

Self-Publishing With Palmetto

Self-publishing requires research, especially when you don’t know where to begin. As self-publishers, authors must also become formatting, printing, and marketing experts. Partnering with professional self-publishing experts like Palmetto Publishing gives you the tools to succeed. We guide authors through the entire self-publishing process, from conceptualizing to advertising. Let’s go over our leading publishing services to see if they could help you on your art and photography publishing journey.


Palmetto can come in as early as the writing stage with our countless resources on book writing. From the art and photography genre to children’s books, you will find guides on writing content, storytelling, character development, and so much more. With these free author resources, you can say ‘goodbye’ to writer’s block and ‘hello’ to finishing pages. Check out our Book Writing Process 101 guide to learn more about improving your writing.


You need an extra pair of eyes on your work, no matter how long you’ve worked on perfecting it. Editors polish your work to appeal to the right audience and adhere to genre conventions. With Palmetto’s editing services, our professional editors can fine-tune every aspect of your work. They ensure your book is cohesive, grammatically correct, typo-free, and much more. You can choose how much or little input you want from our editing team.

Cover Design

People indeed judge books based on their covers, especially for art and photography books. Make sure your cover stands out on the shelf by working with an expert designer. Palmetto’s cover design services help authors craft a beautifully designed cover from start to finish. We use high-quality Getty images and custom illustrations to ensure your cover shines.

Interior Formatting

Palmetto’s interior formatting services ensure your formatting adheres to modern standards for your genre. This step includes formatting pages for eBooks, classic print, and custom formatting. With well-done interior formatting, your work will look professional and legitimate to potential readers.


Palmetto also provides quality illustration services for self-publishers. We help you choose the perfect illustrator from our diverse team so that you can bring your story to life.


Our book printing services allow self-publishers to print industry-grade physical copies in no time. We partner with IngramSpark for affordable printing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. This way, you can finally get your book on shelves and into the hands of your readers.


Social media presence can make or break a book release. Marketing takes a lot of work and planning and could even become a full-time job nowadays. Palmetto offers a variety of book marketing services like press releases, media outreach, author websites, and more to spread the word about your book.

Take A Picture It Will Last Longer

Consider self-publishing if you’ve struggled to find the right publisher for your work. Collaborating with a self-publishing company will guide you through the entire process with ease, ensuring your creative project pays off. The award-winning team at Palmetto Publishing can’t wait to lend their passion for independent authors, coaching you from conception to placing the books with the right vendor. Remember that when you self-publish, you own the royalties to your work and retain complete creative control, especially useful with an art or photography book. Contact Palmetto today for more information on self-publishing your next art or photography book.

Get Started With Palmetto

After you write your book, the next step is to publish your story and get it into the hands of interested readers. If you want to retain maximum control over your book, consider self-publishing it. This method allows you to make the final decisions about everything from the cover design to printing. Additionally, you can earn higher royalties than you would if you published your book with a traditional publisher. Self-publishing may sound intimidating, but the process can be easy and fast with the help of a top-tier publishing company like Palmetto Publishing. We offer a variety of services to support writers through the self-publishing process, including:

Book Cover Design

We create genre-appropriate book covers that will catch readers’ attention. We offer several different packages to fit every budget and artistic need.

Editing Services

After you have spent countless hours writing and revising your book, your familiarity with the text can make it difficult to pick out continuity and grammar errors. Our book editing team will provide comprehensive feedback, from copyediting to in-depth developmental editing.


One of the most challenging aspects of publishing is making sure that readers can find and purchase your book. We provide book marketing services that make it easy for you to share your book with a diverse audience. For example, we can design intriguing back cover text and produce a custom author website.

Authors Love Our Work

I would have to say the best part of this experience was the people that worked with me. Palmetto walked me through every step of the way, were tremendously supportive, and quick with responses to my sometimes-silly questions. As a first time author, knowing nothing about the publishing process, they made this a fabulous experience. Im am so happy that I chose to use Palmetto and look forward to working with this same group of highly professional associates on my next project.

– Danny Willcutt

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