Palmetto Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

While we generally try to avoid platitudes in our writing, this feels like a good place to reaffirm that there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Writing and publishing a book can feel intimidating for first time authors, so consider this an open invitation to give us a call and fire away with as many questions as you’d like. Whether you’re looking for more information about Palmetto’s publishing solutions or general self publishing best practices, we’re an open book (pun intended).

Self-publishing FAQ from Palmetto Publishing.
Palmetto Publishing FAQs

Yes! Palmetto Publishing is a family-owned and operated publishing company with multiple generations of industry experience. We’ve printed and sold over 1 million books for 3,500+ happy authors, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our glowing author reviews on our Testimonials page, or head to our Better Business Bureau page for even more validation. Not to brag, but our A+ rating and unanimous 5-star reviews

As our name implies, Palmetto Publishing calls the Palmetto state home. Our HQ is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Palmetto’s self publishing solutions start at $1,447, and the average author spends about $3,800 between editing, design, formatting, and distribution.

That said, the cost to publish a 500-page manuscript is going to be different than a 20-page children’s book; and a print-on-demand paperback novel will cost less than a hardcover art book with high-resolution photography. Check out our service pages to see more information about our pricing, but the best way to see how much your book will cost to publish is to speak with publishing consultant to get a custom quote.

At Palmetto Publishing, we care about the authors we work with and want to see them succeed. Our competitors simply can’t match our personalized customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. While other publishers are taking a cut of your profits, we never take any royalties. 

Palmetto takes a custom approach to every author we work with. We tailor solutions to your unique situation rather than trying to fit you into blanket packages or templates that aren’t a perfect fit. We also offer payment plans so you don’t have to pay for everything at once if you’re working with a tight budget.

Have you had a bad experience with another publishing company? You’re not alone. Whether you’re needing additional services for a book that you’re actively publishing or already working on your next book, give us a chance to show you how seamless the self publishing process should be. 

Of course, every publisher is going to tell you they’re the best and different from the rest – so don’t take our word for it. Check out these testimonials from some of our 3,500+ happy authors, or head over to our Better Business Bureau page to see how we’ve built an A+ rating.

Absolutely not! The beauty of self publishing is letting the author maintain creative control, so all final decisions rest with the author. We’ll provide guidance on design, editing, and formatting, but ultimately the author calls the shots. Remember, we want the final product to reflect your words, your way.

To be clear, Palmetto Publishing is not a print-on-demand vendor. We’re a full-service self publishing company, here to help authors with every step of the publishing process from start to finish. That includes editing, formatting, cover design, illustration, printing, distribution, and marketing. We have relationships with print-on-demand providers to ensure your book is available wherever books are sold, but we offer so much more than just that.

Each author we work with has different goals and measurements for success. While we’ve certainly had plenty of authors who achieve financial success based on sales goals, we have even more authors who care more about building their personal brand or leaving a legacy behind. You’ll see this in our testimonials and third-party reviews – some authors will speak about selling books, but most say they’d choose to work with us again because the process and final product exceed their expectations.

Nope! Unlike some publishers who claim a percentage of royalties, we distribute 100% of your royalties from book sales. Instead, we charge up-front fees for the solutions we provide. This makes it easy to budget exactly how much you want to spend, so that once your book starts selling you get to keep every penny of the revenue.

The biggest difference between traditional publishing and self publishing with Palmetto is the level of control and involvement that the author has in the process. With traditional publishing, authors submit their work to a publishing house that handles all of the editing, design, printing, and distribution. The author has very little creative control over their book, and the publisher is compensated by taking a large percentage of royalties.

Self publishers like Palmetto Publishing fulfill the same essential solutions – namely editing, formatting, design, printing, distribution, and marketing – but you retain creative control and ownership of your manuscript. We’ll offer guidance and support throughout the publishing process, but the author has the final say. 

Some self publishers take a percentage of book sale royalties as payment for their distribution services, but Palmetto Publishing does not. We charge a flat up-front cost that’s easy to budget for and doesn’t scale up when your book flies off the shelves, letting you keep 100% of your hard-earned royalties.

The price for printed copies of your book will depend on a myriad of factors, including binding, cover style/finish, trim size, text and image options, page count, paper stock and weight, and quantity ordered. But don’t worry, your personal publishing consultant will make the pricing crystal clear once we understand exactly what you’re looking for. Our authors know exactly how much their book copies will cost long before we ask you to make any commitments.

Palmetto Publishing is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in publishing your words, your way, so we’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you love the final product.

We get it – every author is excited to bring their book to market, so every day you have to wait can feel like an eternity. The self-publishing process with Palmetto can take as little as 8-12 weeks, but we strongly encourage our authors not to rush the process if you want the best book possible. Trust that we’ll move as quickly as we possibly can, but just as it took you a long time to write your book, we want to make sure we get the final product perfect.

The good news is that even if your book takes a bit longer than 8-12 weeks, that’s still lightyears faster than the snail pace of traditional publishing – which can take several years to bring your book to market.

Yes! Palmetto Publishing is a print-first publisher so we do require some type of printing and distribution plan, but you’d be leaving money and potential readers on the table if you don’t pair your physical book with an eBook format. Don’t fall for the myth that you need to self-publish with Amazon or Apple Books to get into the Kindle and Apple Bookstore marketplaces – our authors have the opportunity to publish eBooks across all major online platforms.

While we’re happy to work with a literary agent if you already have one, you do not actually need an agent to self publish. Your personal publishing consultant will answer all of your questions beforehand and provide crystal clear pricing, then your project manager will guide you through the entire publishing process from editing to distribution and marketing.

Beware of any publisher who guarantees that you’ll make your money back. The truth is, it’s impossible for anyone to predict if you will recoup your initial investment. Even with traditional publishing, the success of any book is ultimately up to the author. A good publisher can guarantee a great final product, but it takes work to expand your audience and reach enough readers to make your money back. 

Authors publish with us for many reasons. For some, it's a life goal, while others are inspired to share their personal story or expertise with the world, among other motivators. We actively discourage authors from publishing with us if their primary goal is to make a profit. Writing and publishing a book is a significant achievement and should come from a place of passion rather than a desire to make a profit.

Indie publishing refers to the process of publishing your book without a traditional publisher. Indie publishers are small publishing companies that typically offer more freedom than most large publishing companies.

The cost to self publish a book depends on which solutions you need to bring your book to market. The average author spends about $3,800 to self publish with us, but that could be significantly less for simple books or significantly more for books that require extensive editing, illustrations, and specialty printing. 

The best way to understand how much your book will cost to self publish is to speak with one of our publishing consultants. Once we understand your manuscript and vision, we can tell you exactly how much it would cost to self publish and answer any other questions you may have about the publishing process.

We can help you determine if your idea will work for a book. Reach out to one of our consultants, and they’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

Many authors have more than one book in them. In fact, they typically have several books and may not know which one to begin with. We work with you to decide which book to start with and why.

To figure out what your book is about, consider these questions

  • Who is the target audience for your book?
  • What value can the audience gain from reading your book?
  • What results are you looking to achieve by publishing?

If you need further help, give us a call! We’re happy to help you sort your book out.

It’s completely normal to feel anxious about writing a book. Here are some tips that may help.

  • Create an outline for your book before you start writing.
  • Set time aside each day for writing in a distraction-free environment.
  • Don’t try to write your book all at once — break it into sections.
  • Remember that your book doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.
  • Don’t worry about what others will think.

If you’re more nervous about publishing than the actual writing, it helps to partner with a publisher who genuinely cares like Palmetto. Check out our complete guide to publishing to get a feel for what to expect, then talk to one of our publishing consultants about how we can make the publishing process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Prices per service vary depending on a number of factors. Visit our services page, and contact us today so that one of our publishing professionals can help you determine the cost of your project.

Our publishing solutions always begin with cover design and interior formatting. Beyond that, you’re welcome to pick and choose which solutions you need to publish your book. Most authors will also need at least one round of editing and a distribution partner, but we’ll tailor the final solution to your unique situation.

To ensure the best quality images in your book, use a JPG, GIF, or PNG file format with 300 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. We recommend submitting each image at the size you want in the book, or larger. We can always downsize, but upsizing is where you run into issues with pixelation and blurry images come printing time.

If you don’t have design experience, you probably shouldn’t work on the cover by yourself. Small details like spacing or font can be off-putting to your audience if they aren’t done properly. The best option is to work with us to create a cover design both you and your readers will love.

Palmetto Publishing lets you publish on the inside of hardcover and softcover books. Some publishers only allow printed end sheets for bulk orders, but you don’t have to worry about that with us as it’s also available for print-on-demand distribution.

If you’re looking for folded flyleaves on the inside of a book – also know as French flaps – we’re happy to accommodate but these are unfortunately not available for print-on-demand.

We can create a custom illustration for your cover, spread across your book's front, back, and spine.

Palmetto Publishing has a partnership with Getty Images and custom illustration services to accommodate your design needs. Of course, not all books and genres require images so don’t worry – our design and illustration solutions are only there if you need them.

We’ll get the first concept of your design back to you in just ten business days.

We’ll consult with you to discuss your story and any requirements or design ideas you have for your cover.

We do offer editing services. We can do everything from technical copyediting to more in-depth developmental editing and line edits. See our Book Editing Services page for more information.

The duration of the book editing process depends on the length of the manuscript and how promptly the author responds. Additionally, certain author services may rely on the completion of others. We’ll have a conversation with you about your book’s readiness and then estimate a timeline.

Yes, we do accept Apple Pages files for editing.

Yes, we can fact-check your work as part of our editing services.

Our editors will fact-check glaring errors and verify citations are written correctly assuming the source is readily available and you’ve provided the necessary information, but fact-checking is ultimately the author’s responsibility.

Book editing can help improve its clarity and quality. Editing can include correcting grammar issues, improving sentence structure, and making suggestions for rewrites that focus on the message for the intended audience.

Yes! Our editors have years of experience with proofreading and editing.

We always try to match an author with the idea editor who has experience in your genre or subject matter, but there’s no guarantee we can accommodate every subject. That said, we’ll always use editors with ample experience, so even if they aren’t a subject matter expert in your niche you can trust they have years of editing experience across a variety of genres.

Formatting is how your manuscript reads and looks. The structure of a book guides you through the story and enhances the experience, and it’s critical to get any book print-ready by applying the appropriate print margins and gutter. Formatting also focuses on the details like image placement, fonts, and typography, ensuring your book gets the little things right that lead to a great reading experience.

Yes, as long as your manuscript is clearly broken down by chapter we will create a table of contents for you. We’re unable to name chapters, though, so if chapter names are required that’s up to the author to provide.

Yes – if you’re taken the steps to obtain a copyright for your manuscript, we’ll create and include a copyright page in your book.

Certain elements like acknowledgments and dedication aren’t necessary but should be seriously considered. It’s good policy to formally recognize those who have helped you along your book-writing journey. So if you choose to include one, we’ll format it and place it in the correct place.

Generally speaking, we prefer to keep it under 200 images per book. We’re happy to format more than 200 images, but do charge extra for that.

The cost of formatting your book depends on the formatting service you choose. Prices range from $299 to $1,699.

Palmetto is a print-first publisher, so all of our authors plan to print paperback or hard-cover books (or both!). We can also format your book for eBook version, so you can sell physical and digital copies across all major online bookstores.

At Palmetto Publishing, we have book illustration experts ready to help your book come to life. Once we understand your work, goals, and expectations, we’ll provide you with samples from several illustrators who we think are a great fit for your book. You can also submit samples that you’ve seen in other books to help us better understand what you’re looking for. Then we’ll match you with the perfect illustrator.

Authors fill out a questionnaire to help us get a good idea of what you’re looking for. You can also submit sketches, inspirational images, and reference photos. We’ll match you with the perfect illustrator, and provide you sample sketches before they begin to ensure you’re confident in our choice.

Authors first approve a character study, then black & white sketches, and finally full-color illustrations – ensuring you retain creative control throughout the entire process. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust that you’ll love the final product.

Yes! Our expert book illustrators can deliver incredible illustrations that fit any style.

Authors can submit your own illustrations to be formatted, but we highly recommend using our professional illustrators to leverage their experience printing at a high level. In our experience, unless you’re a professional artist you’ll find the final product is significantly better trusting this approach. That said, you’re welcome to submit your own illustrations as long as they match the requisite sizing, resolution, and margin requirements.

You can print your book anywhere. We hope you will choose us as our quality is second to none. Regardless of the services you need, we’re here for you through one step or all the steps of the process. We’re here for you however you need us.

The cost of printing a spiral-bound book can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending on factors such as the book length, paper quality, and order quantity. Our minimum order for spiral-bound books is 200 copies, and unfortunately they cannot be sold via our distribution network.

Yes! Printing on demand is a fantastic way to bring your book to market without having to order in bulk or stock a warehouse with your books. Palmetto Distribution makes it easy, so you won’t have to manage orders, maintain inventory, or ship to customers.

Selling your book is, of course, an essential part of the process. Getting your book out in front of your target audience and converting these potential customers to readers can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With our expert marketing services, we’ll develop a plan to showcase your work and get your name out to the right places. From press releases to an author website, we’ll devise a game plan to set you up for success.

Getting on a bestseller list depends on many factors, such as book quality, the size and engagement of your audience, and the criteria for the bestseller list itself. As a reputable publishing company, we offer several services to increase your book’s chances of success, but ultimately a book's success depends on the author, not the publisher. 

It’s also important to note that many types of bestseller lists have their own criteria and level of prestige. Some bestseller lists are easier to influence with marketing tactics, while others have stricter rules. Because of this, it’s important to focus on a quality book that resonates with your target audience rather than solely focusing on getting on a bestseller list.

Our press release service is available in three tiers – 100 outlets, 500 outlets, and 1,000 outlets. Each of these reaches local, regional, and national media outlets, while newswire releases are syndicated on hundreds of high traffic media sites.

Authors who opt for an ad or Q&A in Publishers Weekly Magazine enjoy a substantial reach, as the website boasts 68,000 print edition readers and 10 million unique site visitors per year.

While our publishing team can offer tips on how to line up book signings at local bookstores, we do not assist authors with scheduling book signings. However, when you’re able to schedule book signings we’re happy to ship books directly to book signing locations so you have ample supply for your readers.

To market your book, we’ll help you create a captivating book description, back cover text, and author biography. We also utilize PR tools to get the word out, and can set up a personal website with SEO best practices to ensure your readers can find you online.

We can’t make any guarantees about media coverage. However, we can provide you with the tools you need to promote your work.

Every marketing strategy starts with an attention-grabbing description, back cover, and author biography. From there we’ll help you to get the word out with press release writing and distribution. We can also set up a professional website to ensure your readers can find you online, and our marketing package includes in-person marketing assets like postcards, business cards, custom bookmarks and posters.

Yes! We have the knowledge and resources to help you get your e-book online quickly.

Palmetto will ensure that your book is available on digital platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and even independent bookstore websites. However, it’s ultimately up to individual bookstores and retailers to physically stock your book – and to be frank, that’s a tough sell for debut authors due to limited shelf space and the sheer volume of books out there. That said, if you publish an amazing book that garners attention and bookstores contact us about physically stocking your book, we’ll make it available via a sales catalog that major bookstores and libraries have access to.