Book Editing Services

Refine Your Work

If necessary, our team of editors will proofread and edit your book to review the structure, tone, and flow of text, as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This type of edit will include comments that may involve rewriting areas of your work.

After you’ve reworked and edited your manuscript, a second round of proofreading and editing is strongly recommended.

*This service can be purchased in addition to the required Cover Design and Interior Formatting services.

Service Options

Copy editing services with Palmetto Publishing.

Copy Editing

Starting at

$0.029 per word

  • Attention to any lingering plot, structure, and style issues
  • Sentence-level edits to improve clarity and flow
  • General edits to grammar and punctuation

Line editing services with Palmetto Publishing.

Line Editing

Starting at

$0.036 per word

  • Feedback on the effectiveness of plot, structure, and characterization
  • Suggestions for improving tone and organization
  • Correction of obvious grammatical and punctuation errors

Developmental editing services with Palmetto Publishing.

Developmental Editing

Starting at

$0.09 per word

  • A detailed analysis of the structure and effectiveness of a manuscript
  • Comprehensive feedback regarding what works and what doesn’t work
  • Actionable advice on how to tighten language and focus the message for the intended audience

Palmetto Publishing provides professional book editing services from publishing industry insiders. Besides editing, we can also answer all your publishing questions and get you started building your author platform.

Our team of editors can proofread and edit your book to the extent you require. Our edits can range from comments to rewriting areas of your work. We work in multiple rounds to ensure proofreading and complete coherency of your manuscript. 

Understand our options below and contact us for further inquiries. 

*You can purchase this service in addition to the required Cover Design and Interior Formatting services.

Book Editing Overview

The length of the book editing process is heavily dependent on the author’s responsiveness. Other Palmetto Publishing author services depend on the completion of others. Once we have a conversation about your book’s readiness, we can estimate a timeline. 

Turnaround time is two business days per 10,000 words for copy editing and line editing. Developmental editing is on a consultation basis and will take longer, mostly dependent on the author’s responsiveness. We deliver all edits via Microsoft Track Changes.

Once we have a developed manuscript, we can get a book published in as little as 6-8 weeks for a developed manuscript. 

Our Book Editing Services Include:

Copy Editing 

Any book or manuscript can benefit from copy editing. Copyediting focuses less on the big picture and more on the details of the language. Hence, a copy editor ensures that the language in a manuscript follows standard English rules and adheres to the house style guide. Copyediting services check for accuracy, consistency, and grammar errors, spelling, syntax, and punctuation. 

It’s a basic form of editing that is best for books with no story (such as cookbooks or textbooks) or a manuscript closer to the finished product. Skipping copy editing lowers the quality of the finished product considerably.

 Line Editing 

Line editing comes before copy editing. Where line editors are concerned primarily with questions of style, copy editors are concerned with mechanics. Line editing involves editing a book sentence by sentence (or line by line) to upgrade the prose, always keeping the craft in mind. A line edit ensures that your book’s content is consistent while its language is creative and concise.

Line editing can be considered a heavy copy edit. It involves corrections to word choice, sentence effectiveness, suggesting better ways to say something, and apparent inconsistencies. Line editing is the most popular choice for our authors. 

While a line editor shares specific attributes with a copy editor, the service and job are very different. Line editors read while keeping more attention to detail, maintaining an interest in the way language works at the sentence level, and appreciate the flow of the story. 

Developmental Editing 

The first stage of the editing process is the developmental edit. Developmental edits are our most expensive option as it involves the most time and effort to uncover and identify all of the “big-picture” problems underlying your story. 

We pair our developmental editors and authors with someone experienced in the genre of your book. This way, they can guide authors in conceiving the topic, planning the overall structure, and developing an outline. Through many rounds of revision, we are assisting the author in their writing, chapter by chapter. 

With this service, you can expect an extensive markup with many suggestions on making the story or manuscript better, helping the flow and enrich the story, and evaluating the book as a whole so that it all makes sense.