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Creating the best things in life takes time and careful attention to detail. Whether it’s letting a good bottle of wine age or crafting a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, it all requires time and effort to reach the gold standard in sharing your masterpiece with others. The same principle applies to copy editing services for self-publishing. At Palmetto Publishing, our editors invest time, love, and care into flawlessly polishing your work and ensuring it reaches its full potential for all to enjoy.

What is Copy Editing?

Professional copy editing involves making sentence-level edits to improve the clarity of written content. This process includes technical editing to highlight and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, ensuring that the text adheres to language conventions and enhances overall readability. At Palmetto Publishing, our professional copy-editing services aim to refine and polish your written material, providing an elevated touch to your content.

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Copy Editing or Proofreading?

Copy editing, a service we proudly offer at Palmetto Publishing, involves comprehensive enhancements to your content at the sentence level. This service includes clarity improvement, addressing structural issues, and ensuring overall coherence. Proofreading, on the other hand, is the meticulous final check that focuses on removing grammatical errors, typos, and other issues. If you have a friend who excels in proofreading, we recommend using their keen eye to ensure every detail is immaculate.

Professional Copy-Editing Services

In the pursuit of a professional for challenging tasks, thorough research is essential to make the right choice for your projects. Palmetto Publishing recognizes the importance of this decision and proudly provides professional copy-editing services that instill confidence. We offer a professional touch that elevates your work to its highest abilities. Our expert line editors bring a wealth of experience to the table, conducting stylistic editing that addresses high-level structural, organizational, and content concerns. With a keen eye for detail, we provide valuable suggestions to improve tone and organization, ensuring your manuscript resonates effectively with your audience.

While meticulously examining spelling, grammar, and punctuation, Palmetto Publishing’s line editing services go beyond the basics, contributing to the overall refinement and professionalism of your self-published book. We’re your partner in crafting a literary masterpiece that captivates and impresses your readers.

Our Editing Process

Copy editor services are inherently personalized, which makes it challenging to provide a specific turnaround time for these projects. Nevertheless, we can offer a preliminary estimate based on the length of your manuscript:

A Comparison chart of editing costs of manuscripts above and under ten thousand words.

Our Editors

At Palmetto Publishing we are proud to have book copy editors who:

  • Hold degrees from top-tier US universities.
  • Are native English speakers.
  • Successfully passed our rigorous editing testing.
  • Undergo a comprehensive training period.
  • Adhere to a confidentiality agreement to safeguard your work and personal information.
  • Possess a profound understanding of many different genres to ensure your manuscript is seamlessly edited.
  • Our editors stay current with the latest rules of the Chicago Manual of Style, which serves as the industry standard in book publishing.
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Real Impact: Copy Editing Example

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